Elektrik Rumah Pernah Dipotong, Kereta Hampir Ditarik, Alhamdulillah Rezeki Berguru, Berjaya Buka 3 Cawangan Kedai Kek!


Kek Malaya


Arts & Entertainment

Company Size

Small: 1-15 employees


Kota Damansara


Cake & Dessert

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Kek Malaya
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increase in organic traffic over 2 years


increase in organic traffic over 2 years

When PortraitFlip's Sunny Choudhary shared his results with us, we were so happy for him! What stood out the most was how he used keyword ideas and how his team created content around his business to attract the right people in the funnel stages with the right search intent. It's so intriguing how organic is still one of the most important channels for a lot of companies worldwide.

Fahdi Ghazali

Chairman of FunnelEvo


The Company

Kek Malaya

Menjual kek dan manisan untuk mereka yang ingin menyambut hari-hari istimewa dengan harga yg berpatutan dan kualiti yg terbaik! Dapatkan kek viral RM25 sekarang.




Kek Malaya Shah Alam, Ole-Ole, Seksyen 18 Shah Alam, Selangor


Ubersuggest has been a great help, not only the tool but also Neil Patel's excellent perspective on marketing! Neil's blog and Youtube videos are the best place to start (and find inspiration) for a newbie.

Sunny Choudhary

Founder of PortraitFlip

The Challenge.


Harga bahan mentah semakin meningkat


Pesaing yang mempunyai pelbagai citarasa pelanggan


Bulan Puasa : tidak ramai yg hadir ke kedai untuk pembelian kek

Why is it so Difficult?

A complex business model, with several processes between purchase and delivery, with variables that cannot be standardized, and dozens of people involved.

How is it possible for a small team to be able to do everything the business requires and still put a growth strategy based on organic traffic?

The pressure of results!

The Strategy & Solution.


Use Ubersuggest to perform audit of website to uncover and implement any technical and on-page quick wins.


Set up keyword rank tracking and keyword insights to inform content strategy and prioritize blog topics.


Plug in competitors to identify keyword overlap, gaps and opportunities.

The Results.

Traffic Increase

Driving Traffic



Traffic Increase

Have significant uptick in traffic in a large variety of keywords.

Driving Traffic

Historically, one blog and their homepage drove the bulk of site traffic.


Wide variety of website pages now drive traffic to their site.


Have seen quick turnaround on some of the longer tail keywords that they previously handn’t thought of.

Would you

"With Ubersuggest, we gained a line of sight into what was working and where we needed to improve. The easy-to-use platform allows us to self-serve without being SEO experts so we can get insights and take action to improve and monitor our content marketing program over time."

Jessica Graeser

VP of Marketing – NinjaCat

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